CNC Machining Services

JC Gibbons is proud to provide custom CNC machining services to customers from all over the U.S and Canada from our company in Livonia, Michigan (In the Detroit Michigan Metro Area). Our turning and milling capabilities allow us to manufacture quality precision CNC machined components for any industry -- low and high quantity production. We produce components for the automotive, musical instrument, specialty fastener, defense, aerospace, oil and gas, electronics, and alternative energy industries. 

From rapid prototyping to drilling and tapping, we produce everything from bushings to custom parts for engines and bolts for oil rigs using machining materials such as aluminum, plastic, carbon steel, brass, and many other alloys. All of our production takes place on our large 22,000 square foot machining shop.

Precision CNC Machining delivers Custom Parts

Precision CNC Turning Services for Prototypes & Production
  • Automatic bar feeder optimizes machining times (10" chucking capacity.
  • 5 axis and sub-spindle eliminates handling and second operations.

Precision CNC Milling Services for Prototypes & Production
  • 4 axis capabilities.
  • Work area: 27.5” x 17.1”.
  • Table travel: 20.1” x 16.2”.
  • Vertical travel: 18.1”.
  • 4th axis allows for complex milling.

What is CNC Turning?

Unlike form tools which utilize the technique of forming a work piece by using a precision ground tool that resembles the pattern of the finished product, CNC turning is a process of which a single point tool removes material parallel to the surface to generate the finished piece. Turning can be accomplished either by manual means on a standard shop lathe or by a CNC (computerized numerical control) lathe. CNC lathes use programs written by operators with a specific set of instructions to achieve the finished work piece.

The work piece can be a variety of sizes depending on the capacity of the lathe that you are working on. Here at JC Gibbons we typically start with either 12’ bars of stock or saw cut blanks. Material grades can range from brass, aluminum, carbon steels, alloys, free machining, stainless steels, bronze, copper, cold forgings and castings to name a few. Our bar fed capacity is 2 1/2 inches.

When turning material down on the outside of the part. The lathe will move along the outside diameter cutting from a single point removing material as it’s traversing along two axes. Grooving, facing, knurling and cutting off a part (or parting) are typical moves when operating a lathe on the outside of a work piece. Typical ways to turn the inside of a part are drilling, boring, tapping, single point threading, and reaming. 

What is CNC Milling?

Based on the orientation of the main spindle the practice of milling can occur either horizontal or vertical. Unlike a conventional drill press where the work piece is stationary and the cutting tool goes up and down along a z axis a typical milling machine today enjoys the flexibility of three axis x, y, and z. This allows not only the z-axis to go up and down but the x and y axis to move the work piece into the side of the cutter utilizing the top and sides of the cutting tools. There are a variety of milling machines but the most common are called vertical and horizontal mills.

A vertical mill’s spindle is oriented vertically with the cutter rotating on the z axis. Whereas the horizontal milling machine tools are mounted horizontally to the work piece utilizing side and face cutters. Horizontal machines also have a feature called a universal table. This is a rotating table that allows cuts from various angles.

Milling machines can perform numerous tasks. Drilling, tapping, slotting, keyways and contouring are just a few examples of what a mill can do. Mills also have available automated pallet changers and gantry loaders for larger volume milling and seamless change over. To understand the history of CNC machining and the process, read on CNC (Computer Numerical Control) history process.


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